Building Trades Workers Matter.

Building Our Economy 

When workers receive fair wages their families are able to contribute to a strong and stable economy.


of Canada’s GDP is accounted for by construction

Apprentices training to work in union trades can receive bursaries, grants, scholarships and mentorship programs to assist them in their training

Every job in construction produces 7 spin-off jobs in other sectors of the economy

Unions provide programs for under-represented and disadvantaged groups, including women, First Nations and new Canadians

Training programs for unionized apprenticeships are designed to meet industry needs.

 Building Communities

To continue to build communities, we need highly skilled and trained workers, governed by strict labour laws and unions to guarantee quality and safety.

Building Cities

Unions build Canadian cities. We need to protect unions to ensure strong infrastructure, built safely, on time and on budget.

Unions develop solutions and training initiatives that reflect the needs of Canadian cities.

$150 billion

Of infrastructure every year is installed, repaired and renovated by construction workers.

The unionized construction industry is 23% safer than non-unionized contractor sites, unions protect workers from unsafe working environments.

More than 1 million Canadians are employed in construction

Building Families

We need you to help protect the safety standards of workers. Ensuring the safety of job sites and quality of equipment is essential to a unionized labour force.